Tape factory with history

The company was founded in 1934 in Manresa, a city with a long textile tradition in narrow fabrics. In its beginnings, Manubens specialized in fine belt for haberdashery and clothing, later diversifying into packaging and tapes for industrial uses.

During these more than 80 years the company has evolved to become a reference manufacturer in Europe.

Manufacturers tapes textiles

We are vertically integrated. We carry out all the manufacturing processes in our Manresa plant (warp, weaving, dyeing / finishing, design and presentations). This allows us to have total control over the product and at the same time offer customized solutions to each client.

Our long journey in the world of narrow fabrics has resulted in a highly specialized and qualified team. We have stayed with the best of yesterday’s artisan workshop combining it with the best techniques of today.

Factory of fabric tapes with technology

Always at the forefront, we have the most advanced technology for the manufacture of woven ribbons.

All company operations are monitored with our ICT information systems (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning). This simplifies decision making and response in today’s highly competitive and changing marketplace.

Service of our tape factory

We export our products to the 5 continents and we are present at the most prestigious international fairs in the company’s sectors of activity (haberdashery, clothing and packaging). We serve and provide solutions to more than 1,500 clients around the world.

Stock management is a key point today for any business. We help our clients reduce inventory to a minimum thanks to excellent service. We have more than 7,000 references in permanent stock and we adapt products according to customer specifications or create them.