The gros grain ribbon is a characteristic ribbon due to its ribbed appearance. It is a tape that is highly appreciated for its strength and rigidity. It is also known as the hat band because, from times past until today, it is still used as a band in most of these clothing accessories.

It is manufactured in 7 different widths, from 6mm to 48mm with a chromatic range of 57 colors, from light to dark tones, all of them ideal colors for any creation. The presentations of the article are on a 20-meter glass reel and a 100-meter roll or industrial coil. For long films it is possible to make coils of more quantity.

The composition of the product is 100% polyester. We guarantee a maximum wash at 40º and a low temperature ironing of 110ºC.

The applications of this product are varied. It has always been a highly valued product both in haberdashery and clothing. Special mention to the footwear sector, as it is a product that is widely used to trim shoes and to use it as reinforcement thanks to its resistant structure and its rigidity.

At the level of clothing, it has always been a tape with a multitude of applications, belts, reinforcement of seams, braces, trim, puller, trims, shoe ties … as well as in the packaging or gift sector such as bag handles or advertising claim with the personalized ribbon.

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