The taffeta bears a resemblance to the gros grain at first glance due to the horizontal stripes that the article presents, although with less roughness and rigidity. At the same time, we could say that it has the drape and softness of satin, which is why this ribbon is a hybrid between these two articles.

It is manufactured in a multitude of widths, starting at 6mm and reaching 84mm. It is manufactured in 72 colors and comes on a 25 meter glass reel and we also have long films in the best-selling colors and widths ranging from 300 to 500 meters.

The composition of the taffeta ribbon is 100% polyester. We guarantee a maximum wash at 40º and a low temperature ironing of 110ºC.

This ribbon has a very good reception in the widths of 25, 38 and 48mm since the structure of the article makes it an ideal ribbon for making bows. It is also a highly appreciated item in women’s clothing as it can be used to embellish a garment, use it as a belt or to cover seams.

It is an ideal product for the world of packaging and gifts and for personalized ribbons as an advertising claim

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