Personalized ribbons

Make your product stand out

Make your product stand out with OUR PERSONALIZED RIBBONS.
We can develop ideas and suggestions to enhance your customers’ experience, strengthen your brand image and improve your sales. Being innovative and creative with ribbons is our passion. More than 85 years in the industry attest to our commitment to exemplary customer service.

Ribbons and tapes

Double-sided satin, grosgrain, taffeta, organza, velvet, classic beta, herringbone, Petersham etc. We work with high quality synthetic and natural fibres such as cotton, linen, polyester and polyamide for an optimal result.

Printing techniques

We offer a variety of printing techniques and can help you find the right one for your product. Flat screen printing, embossed screen printing, metallic, stamping or sublimation.

Whether you’re looking for a more exclusive finish, a more innovative product with unlimited colour and design possibilities, or a more ephemeral and casual effect, we have what you need.

Finishes and cuts

We can produce the ribbon with any type of finish or trim to facilitate its application to the final product or packaging. Straight cuts, diagonal cuts, adhesive ribbons, with end trims…


Made to measure

We handle the entire manufacturing process in our plant, which means we can accommodate any idea you have in mind.

We can customise our ribbons with your logo, colour or texture so that you can convey your brand identity through your product packaging.


Throughout our many years in the industry, we have always maintained that the starting point for any good product is good quality raw materials, and this is what gives us an edge over our competitors.


Manubens is made up of a committed team of people who strive every day to ensure excellence in all our processes, from design to production, finishing and delivery, and always with the customer in mind, offering outstanding service from the very first point of contact.

A company based on technology and tradition

We put all our knowledge at your disposal to create a customised ribbon with just the right amount of detail to accentuate your product and make it attractive to potential customers.

Manubens, ribbons and tapes since 1934

We are an organisation with a long-standing tradition in manufacturing woven and customised ribbons and tapes. Since our inception more than 85 years ago, we have expanded to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. Our many years of experience in producing narrow fabrics, together with the company’s values: tradition, craftsmanship, commitment, innovation and creativity, have shaped the highly specialised and qualified team of people that make up Manubens today. We preserve the best of yesterday’s craftsmanship and combine it with today’s cutting-edge techniques.

Manubens is a vertically integrated business; we carry out the entire manufacturing process at our Manresa plant. This integration gives us complete control over the product and, at the same time, allows us to provide made-to-measure solutions for our customers. The development of the textile industry in an increasingly globalised world and the desire to discover new usages for our products led us to diversify and specialise in the world of packaging, working in diverse sectors such as food, jewellery, fashion and perfumery.

Our mission is to adapt to our customers’ needs and improve their sales.

“Because the difference is in the detail”

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