beta haberdashery

The beta tape or also known as Hiladillo is one of the classic haberdashery tapes. It is a tape with a very simple appearance and that does not mark edges, although like all the woven fabric tapes that we manufacture, the selvages are present.

This tape is available in various widths from 6mm to 38mm. Mostly it is a tape that is consumed in three basic colors, white, black and ecru. In the best-selling 14mm and 28mm widths, it’s also available in a 25-color palette.

The format of this article is in roll or reel of 100 meters, depending on the width of the article, and in the width of 14mm there is also the possibility of supplying it on a 20 meter glass reel. This latest presentation is highly appreciated for having a wide range of colors with a greater investment in haberdashery.

This tape is made of 100% cotton. We guarantee a maximum wash at 30º and a low temperature ironing of 110ºC.

The beta or hiladillo has an infinite number of applications. One of the oldest is its use in the footwear sector, in the famous summer espadrilles. We can also find this tape in many kitchenware products such as aprons, napkins … It is a product widely used in making work clothes in gowns, medical equipment …

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