mouse tail

This curious article in the world of fabric ribbons is one of the best known. It has the appearance of a cord and is highly valued for its small diameter and shine. One of the aspects that we take most care of during the manufacturing process is the tubular shape of the fabric tape, so that in each process the diameter it has when it is woven is respected.

We have the most extensive color range on the market in this article with 50 standard colors in stock. We present it in 25-meter glass reels for haberdashery and in a 100-meter glass reel for those customers who need more product.

The composition of the mouse tail is 100% polyester. We guarantee a maximum wash at 40º and a low temperature ironing of 110ºC.

This fabric ribbon is ideal for different crafts such as bows for small details, for bracelets, jewelry necklaces, as a hanger for garments, in perfume bottles …

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