Organza ribbon

Light and fresh

Organza or organdy ribbon has a lightweight, fresh appearance thanks to the warp and weft spinning used in its manufacture. Structurally speaking, it has very little density (very few weft crosses and a reduced number of warp threads). Widely used in spring and summer.

The ribbon is manufactured in 7 different widths ranging from 6 mm to 66 mm, and 38 colours. The standard format for this product is a 25-metre crystal reel, and the most popular colours are softer colours such as nude, pink, grey, beige, and white.

The composition of the organza ribbon is 100% polyamide. We guarantee maximum washing at 30º and low-temperature ironing at 110ºC.

Uses of organza ribbon

Organza ribbon is widely used by florists for all kinds of bouquets, and it works well as a decoration for events such as weddings or baptisms. In clothing, it’s used to add embellishments or bows to spring and summer garments, while for the packaging market, it’s a popular choice for products that need to convey a fresh look.


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