Organza or organdy ribbon is a ribbon that has a very light and fresh appearance thanks to the warp and weft spinning used in its manufacture. Furthermore, structurally it is a tape that has a very low density (very few weft passes and a reduced number of warp threads). It is a widely used tape in spring and summer time.

This tape is manufactured in 7 different widths, from 6mm to 66mm and 38 colors. The standard format of this product is the 25 meter glass reel. In this article, the colors that are in greatest demand are soft colors such as ecru, pink, gray, or beige in addition to white.

The composition of the organdy ribbon is 100% polyamide. We guarantee a maximum wash at 30º and a low temperature ironing of 110ºC.

The organdy ribbon is widely used in floristry for all kinds of flower bouquets. It is also an ideal complement in festive events such as weddings or baptisms to decorate the spaces. In clothing it is used for spring summer garments as an embellishment or for bows, while for the packaging market it is well received in those products that want to convey a fresh air.

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